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The Gardenia Park is redefined in this forum for all. I want to help you, we all get along well, have fun and you tips, information and an introduction geben. Instructions:
Here for her in "Registration: Styling + WX". Go first to "application" and reports it to you. After you registered, your avatar you've created you 50WX. Now you want to have a pet safe. Go to back and go to "Pet shop". Now go to "Here you'll get your pets", because you'll get your Pet Now you go back to "Winx Club Gardenia Park " in "Map gardenia park. Now you can in "room " and create a theme for example "Marie Cat Room" ... etc. Now you can show a picture of your room, clean place in the topic and write something. You can also ask for another room but only. Now go into "rooms" in "closets"and create a theme with such CleodeNils CleodeNile wardrobe or private, but of course with your name.
Now you can now "Winx Club Gardenia Park " in "shops". Since you can buy something, but respect. If you copy clothes or avatars buy what did you buy it and add in "room" in your "closet". Finally, you can still get in "heart bow" and your friends meet and new know! :D

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